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Why Should You Choose Repeat TakersUsing the same tactics expecting different results? Tried BarBri®? Maybe PMBR® and other review courses? Perhaps you have failed the bar exam more than once. If you are using the same tactics and expecting different results, we all refer to that as the definition of insanity. Well, whether that is the actual definition of insanity is debated. But, we can all agree that it’s just not good common sense to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. And in this case, “results” is the key word. Welcome to a new approach! Repeat Takers offers a completely innovative way for you to absorb information.

Repeat Takers is your source for passing the Bar Exam.
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Succeed By UnderstandingYou may have heard that it does not matter which outlines you study, as long as you study, you should be able to answer practice questions and make progress. This course challenges that theory by taking another approach. We believe it does matter what you study. If you have a clear understanding of the law and concepts tested, you will succeed.

We contend that after absorbing the information through this course, a test taker will be able to answer practice questions from any review course and raise their score. Most test takers who fail do not understand “why” they fail, so they repeat the same review course material over and over, retake the exam, and hope for a passing score.

The developer of this course has combined tips from many sources over many years. Combining these tips, and creating graphical examples of confusing concepts ensures the test taker will be equipped to pass the bar exam once and for all. You’ll see that the learning stops here!


What Is This Course AboutThe heart of this course is developed with Notes Made Simple©, Fact Pattern Flash Cards©, and Graphical Examples of complex concepts.

The course also offers helpful tips for studying, tips for exam day, and a suggested day-to-day study structure. To see what Repeat Takers has to offer, click on the Demo link. You will be amazed at how simple it is to retain information with the use of this course.